Church Resources

The United Church of Christ – our denomination’s website


The Central Pacific Conference of the United Church of Christ
Our church is a member congregation of the CPC. Many of our parishioners are active in conference leadership roles.


Witness for Peace


United Campus Ministry at Oregon State University (Westminster House)

Community Resources

  • Unity Shelter

  • If you need shelter in Corvallis, please contact:
    Corvallis Combined Shelter (men and women): 
    541-207-4636 (1166 NW Jackson Avenue --a.k.a. Room at the Inn)
    Corvallis SafePlace Intake: 541-224-7690
    Unity Shelter: 541-286-5121 /

  • If you need a meal in Corvallis: check the Stone Soup schedule:

    Stone Soup Corvallis serves a meal every day. You'll find their schedule here.

    All are welcome to come and eat. No questions asked.

  • We Care
    Our financial support of this organization helps to provide one-time financial assistance to  
    residents of Benton County in emergency situations.
  • Stone Soup Corvallis
    We host Stone Soup on Thursdays for their 5:30 p.m. meal service in our gym (Gatton Hall).
  • BSA Troop 1
    This is the Boy Scout troop we host and sponsor. 
  • Clark Ascension Academy
    We've been partnering with Clark Ascension Academy since February of 2019. Chris Clark and his Academy help kids become confident athletes while supporting them in their academic pursuits.