This video is updated weekly.


Sunday School meets in person during worship
in the Fireplace Room
Children are invited to join Jaqui for Sunday School and are also welcome to stay in worship with their adults.


Every Tuesday, Jaqui will upload a Children's Message to this webpage, along with a puppet Pearl video and more. 


Who is Jaqui?

Jaqui Eicher has been our lead Sunday school teacher since September 2019. She has a Masters in Education from Oregon State University. She taught Music, Drama, Art and Humanities along the I-5 corridor at various schools, including Jefferson Middle School and Myers Elementary in Salem.


In 2015, Jaqui followed the unexpected and dangerous artist's path and has been living on the edge of freedom and security since then, painting landscapes with words as well as acrylic. Jaqui's poems have been published in the Chapbooks by the Oregon Writing Project at Willamette University.


We are delighted to tell you that Jaqui Eicher is expanding her work with our congregation beyond children's ministries to include youth connections, too. We are excited for Jaqui to bring her previous educational background to the area of youth ministry and look forward to her partnership in nurturing the spiritual lives of our young people.


Who is Pearl?

Pearl is a super smart terrier who asks questions and thinks things over with the help of her assistant, Jaqui. Pearl tells us all about how she’s feeling and reminds us how important it is to love each other. 


Visit our YouTube channel for past visits with Jaqui & Pearl